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Inspiring Pictures for Writers – layers upon layers

francis-picabiaI chose this drawing because I thought it somehow captured what writers often try to do, write from the inside…I am reluctant to say more because it’s not for me to impose my interpretation. If you find it interesting and thought-provoking, good, I’ve done my job. And if it doesn’t power your shower then next week’s choice might appeal more…

The drawing is by Francis Picabia, the French artist, poet and editor who was involved in most of the 20th century ‘isms’ in art from Impressionism to Fauvism and Cubism to Dada. Some biographies call him the father of Dada, but by the early 1920s he denounced the movement because he felt it had lost its ability to shock. This pencil drawing is dated 1930 when he was experimenting with more figurative art before moving on to full-blown abstract works.

2 comments on “Inspiring Pictures for Writers – layers upon layers

  1. ann perrin
    December 16, 2016

    Poets often use paintings as a source of inspiration as you know. I used a Van Gogh’s Yellow House and a painting by Millais in recent collection. Strangely was also discussing with a mate only last night how relating the process of painting (I also paint) might free one up in relation to writing poetry? Interesting! And thanks for recommending the pic. site. Brillx

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