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Inspiring Pictures for Writers over the holidays: THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE


I don’t know if it has a title, but I would be tempted to call it Trolly Rage. Is that what it feels like at the moment? Or are you an onlooker like the couple in the background, glad not to be part of the annual frenzy. (Although she’s pregnant, so maybe what they are witnessing is their future selves.  Just a thought.)

I found this painting by Marius van Dokkum on Helen Warlow’s twitter feed. She tweets about 20 pictures a day. You can follow her at – she’s worth joining twitter for…

Van Dokkum is a contemporary Dutch painter and illustrator who specialises in narrative scenes from everyday life. His humour is gentle and I will add another, more light-hearted, painting on Boxing Day. You can find out more about him on the artist’s website


One comment on “Inspiring Pictures for Writers over the holidays: THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS EVE

  1. guyportman
    December 23, 2016

    Trolly Rage is an apt name for this picture Bridget. This side of the pond we would call it ‘Trolley Rage’. Happy Christmas.

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