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Help! I’m looking for a writing group somewhere in France that wrote to me…

I have a ton of reasons why I didn’t respond immediately. The organiser of the English-speaking, English-writing group dropped me a line sometime around December 5th – 8th. I can be so precise because I was surrounded by boxes and things that needed to be put in boxes. It was a muddled, confusing time. I lie: it was chaos. It was one of Dante’s seven circles of Hell. I was moving home.
It was such a nice email: it deserved a nice reply. The group was using Back to Creative Writing School as a basis for their regular meetings. They wanted to know if they could stay in touch, not for feedback on their writing, but to share their experience of the exercises and writing prompts.

Back to Creative Writing School 40
I was going to say yes, let’s do that. But then the electrician arrived to take down some lights; or the next door neighbour came with flowers; or my nephew needed to know where to put the Ming vase I discovered at a car boot sale ; or my son was asking if I really and truly intended to pay storage fees on that ugly thing (same vase).
And then someone put their foot through a door. And the vase was knocked over which meant that at least one decision was made
And then my computer was packed away.
But it was still ok because I had my laptop and my smart phone and I could find the email, no trouble. And then I had suspected pneumonia. I will draw a veil over the rest, except to say that when I was better, I searched and could not find the email anywhere. No, I don’t understand how that can happen either because I did not delete it.

Now that peace has been restored and my computer unpacked in a flat I love I thought I should at least try to make amends.

I swear to the Fates and the Furies, to the supreme being if she exists, and to my family that I will never move again if the French writing group has a heart as big as a chateau and can forgive me. But they have probably stopped reading this blog and torn Back to Creative Writing School into small pieces and scattered them to the winds….
statue sorry


7 comments on “Help! I’m looking for a writing group somewhere in France that wrote to me…

  1. Kate McClelland
    March 21, 2017

    I’m sure they’ll forgive you :0)

  2. Glen available
    March 25, 2017

    “Tout comprendre c’est tout pardonner” (To understand all is to forgive all).

    Thanks for a stupendously entertaining account helping us all to understand this ‘glitch in the matrix’ moment.

    • bridget whelan
      April 29, 2017

      And thank you for your French – I may need to practice that phrase

  3. heebiejeebiessite
    March 27, 2017

    You had me in stitches about the ming vase… loved the chaos of your situation… I hope the French find you… please let us know. Vxx

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