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Creative Writing Courses and Books with Bridget Whelan

I’m over on novelist Ruth Hunt’s blog today being interviewed. Good questions about writing and writing courses and writing guides….

Ruth F Hunt

So far I have been focusing on formal and academic writing courses, both online and in red-brick establishments. However, there are other ways students can access this information, learn new techniques and improve their writing and this is through books, such as ‘Back to Creative Writing School’ by Bridget Whelan.

Why did you write Back to Creative Writing School? What kind of readers/writers did you have in mind?

I have taught creative writing everywhere, from chilly church halls and inspirational community centres to art galleries and university lecture theatres. The result is that I have a huge body of material, tried and tested on a wide range of students, and I thought I should do something with it.
Probably my ideal reader is someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to write creatively for some time, who may not yet know what they want to write, but who has a…

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