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Fill that notebook! A confidence-building class for writers with experience AND absolute beginners.

woman and notebookThe basics: Friday morning in Brighton in a studio facing the sea for four weeks starting on September 29.
10.30am until 12.30

What: A small-in-numbers, big-in-ideas class with plenty of individual attention and the opportunity to share your writing.
We will cover:
Finding story ideas in unusual places, developing characters that walk off the page and creating an authentic sense of place,
Life writing and writing from our own experience.
Poetry – I specialise in poetry for the terrified. I’m not a poet but together we explore lyrical language and form.

This is a chance to unlock your imagination in a unique location. It’s going to be confidence-building, highly creative and fun.

“The exercises are inspiring. So much work and thought goes into them but it never feels heavy. There is a lot of laughter in this class.”
Maria, Past Student

 £45 for four weeks includes refreshments. Cash only.
£40 concessions

Or pay as you go at £15 per session £12 concessions

Me. You’ll find out quite a lot about me looking around this site but here is a brief summary.
I’m a writer (one novel published, one creative writing guide, numerous newspaper and magazine articles); a creative writing tutor with 10+ years experience in university and adult education (I’ve got a PGCE in adult education and a Masters in Creative and Life Writing); Leonard Cohen fan (you probably don’t need to know that).

Email me at bridgetwhelan at

Come in around 10.15 to sort out money, have a cuppa and a chat before pens ready at 10.30am.



Go to Brighton Palace Pier. Turn to your left and you will see a flight of stairs down to the lower promenade. Go down the stairs and the gallery is just a few doors along. There is also a gentle ramp nearby. gallery-map

2 comments on “Fill that notebook! A confidence-building class for writers with experience AND absolute beginners.

  1. heebiejeebiessite
    September 11, 2017

    Hi Bridget, I’d love to come along but work on a Friday. All the best! Valerie

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