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Enter the £10,000 award for a first-time writer

gloved handsThe Deborah Rogers Foundation Writers’ Award 2018 opened for entries on Sunday. It is an exciting award as it gives a substanial amount of money to a new writer.

It is only open to writers who have not previously published a full length book of their own prose writing (including non fiction, self-published work or work only published on-line).  You can’t be under contract to a publisher either, but you’re not excluded if you have managed to find an agent to represent you.


You’re also ok if you’ve had a short story published in a magazine or an anthology. The only other exception is poetry.  You can enter even if you’ve had an entire collection published so poets in the process of turning into a fiction writers this could be your day. (And that is a career path followed by many great writers – John Updike springs to mind.)

Entrants must write in the English language and live in a British Commonwealth country or the Irish Republic.

Deborah Rogers was a literary agent who died in 2014. She was most famous for identifying and supporting young writers which is why the writing award set up in her memory aims to seek out emerging talent.

To enter send  20-30,000 words of a work in progress (fiction). You also need to include a brief synopsis and biography. The deadline is December 15 so you have time to polish, re-fine, re-think.


I can’t think of a reason not to enter. If you don’t win you will still have worked on something like a quarter to a third of your book and brought it to the best standard you can reach.

If you need any more motivation the winner of the 2016 Writers Award was Sharlene Teo for her novel-in-progress, Ponti. Runners up were Imogen Hermes Gower for The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock and Guy Stagg for The Crossway.  All three writers have since signed “significant deals” with major publishers.

 Here’s the link for all the information you need to apply.

Go for it!

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