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SAVE! £1 (and 1$ and 1 euro) off Back to Creative Writing School — one week only

My writing guide currently has 118 reviews on Amazon.UK and 25 on Amazon US (and I’ve just discovered that there are reviews on most European sites as well as Canada and Australia).

Here are snippets from three of my favourite:

One exercise triggered a sudden rush of character development for my third novel: a pivotal moment akin to falling in love.

By the time I finished the book I had written several short stories and one very long one.

Nothing like the dry martini of some other instructionals but more the literary equivalent of a smooth mango daiquiri with lychee twist.

I’m mentioning this because until Friday December 8 it will be reduced by £1 or $1 or 1 euro depending on where you live.

The UK price is now £5.99. A stocking filler for the writer in your life? A small investment in your own writing?

Piggy bankIf you’re looking for other Christmas presents for writers check out Kelly Allen’s guide. She’s included a gorgeous ink pen, stationery, some weird-in-a-fabulous-way colouring pens for doodles (essential stuff), stationery, a writing guide (ahem), more stationery…go be inspired.

Amazon UK   Amazon US

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