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I’ve been a bit quiet lately…help me to be noiser

shyThis website has been looking rather bare over the last few weeks. You might not have noticed, but my output has dropped to one post per week, the Sunday quotation for writers and people who like quotes. There’s three reasons for that:
1) I’ve been involved with the behind-the-scenes organisation of WRITE BY THE BEACH, the annual Brighton writing conference on the south coast of England which was held on Saturday. More on that tomorrow…
2) After a long dry spell, I’ve been writing again.
3) And I’ve also been thinking. Mainly about social media in general and this website in particular. I’ve also been asking myself such questions as how much time do I invest in it and how much time should I invest? And do I enjoy it?

seagull swarking

The short answer to the last question is yes, I do but I’ve decided to take down my other website At a Gentle Pace. It was a general lifestyle and travel website which was also an online platform for the occasional freelance articles I write. It became a chore in a way this one has never been in the eight years (eight!) I’ve been writing it. However, things that stay the same become stagnant so there will be changes around here. Exactly what shape they will take is still up in the air at the moment and that’s where you come in. It would be an enormous help if you could answer a very short, super-swift survey and that’s true if you are a first time visitor who has just stumbled by or a regular reader.

blue bird

If you leave your email address you could win a paperback copy of Back to Creative Writing School as a thank you.
Ooops there should have been a short survey here but clearly I’ve doone something wrong….hmm I’ll be back to sort it out. (Cheesy grin, backs away…mouthing the word help)

Right, sorted. Here’s the survey…

5 comments on “I’ve been a bit quiet lately…help me to be noiser

  1. ksbeth
    March 19, 2018

    i look forward to it and happy to answer the survey when it’s up )

  2. Jennie
    March 19, 2018

    I always enjoy your posts. Happy to take the survey.

    • bridget whelan
      March 19, 2018

      Thank you Jennie – it should all be fine now and it takes just a few minutes, probably not even as long as that. In fact you’d have probably finished it by now if you hadn’t been made to waste time by reading this comment.

      • Jennie
        March 19, 2018

        You’re welcome, Bridget. Off to work. Will do this tonight.

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