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Had your manuscript rejected? Nervous about approaching a publisher? Expert help is at hand…

get-me-out-1605906_640Normally I just pass on information about writing opportunities, hoping that it will be useful but this time it’s different. I KNOW this course will be useful because I know the highly successful writer who is running it. Kate Harrison has sold a million books and published 17 novels and non-fiction books internationally. She knows what she is talking about and has an in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry right now.

Her new online Pitch and Sell course is not about the hard sell. It’s not a marketng course, at least not in any kind of traditional sense. It’s a course for writers by a writer who will equip you with the skills to write pitches (which for most of us is a hellish task)
and the essential cover copy that allows readers to discover your writing.

And Kate also promises something more. Her seven step course – delivered in a series of videos, presentations, cheat sheets and exercises – allows you tap into what a reader really wants from the kind of story you’re writing.  She calls it emsight – emotional insight – and says it’s a game-changer. I believe her because I had the chance to attend her session at Write by the Beach 2018. As I sat in the crowded lecture theatre, Kate’s advice made me realise that a crucial scene was missing from the novel I’m working on. So, her course is also about the creative process as well as allowing you to get your work in front of readers once the last full stop is added.

It starts this month and if you hurry you will get the early bird rate of $69 or £49. All the details are HERE

Kate Harrison
If you’re not very good at titles (join the club!) right now Kate is also giving away a free 4-page title cheat sheet. Here’s a taste of what you get and you and you can click HERE to find out more and download it. 


Kate's title handout

Full disclosure
This article hasn’t been paid for and I won’t get a penny if you sign up. In fact Kate didn’t even ask me to write this post – I asked her. I’ve known Kate for about six years and worked with her on Write by the Beach, the annual Brighton writing conferences. She’s a brilliant writer and a thorough professional.

3 comments on “Had your manuscript rejected? Nervous about approaching a publisher? Expert help is at hand…

  1. Viola Bleu
    April 11, 2018

    This is awesome thank you … Kate sounds so approachable. I shall keep this in mind for when I’m nearer finishing my manuscript 🌸

    • bridget whelan
      May 11, 2018

      So sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Yes, Kate is very approachable and easy to talk to her. One more incentive to keep working on that manuscript! (Talking to myself really)

      • Viola Bleu
        May 11, 2018

        How lovely of you to still take the time to come back to me xx

        Actually very apt to have reminded me about Kate because I’m presently doing a Curtis Brown online course aimed at getting to the end of your first draft having started and stalled …. so Kate’s would be a great one to follow up with 🌸

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