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Celebrating 100 years of (at least some) women voting

Processions-votes for women
I thought I would write about the celebrations taking place next weekend because I have to admit I’ve only just heard about what’s being planned and I felt the least I can do is spread the word to other women who might be out of the loop.

In February 1918 an Act of Parliament allowed women over 30 who owned propety to vote along with women graduates who were voting in a university constituency – in all it enfranchised about 8.5 million women. In November more legislation allowed women to stand for public office and in December there was a general election when for the first time women were able to cast their vote.
On Sunday June 10 there will be celebrations in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London. PROCESSIONS is a mass artwork created by women and girls walking together wearing the colours of the suffragette movement – green, white or violet. They will become a river of colour through the city streets.

suff poster
If you’re thinking of taking part you can wear what you like as you will be given a cotton wrap in one of the colours to wear over your clothes.
One hundred women artists have also been commissioned to work with organisations and communities across the UK to create one hundred centenary banners but you can Make your own by downloading the toolkit here.
Lots more information is available on the  PROCESSIONS website.


3 comments on “Celebrating 100 years of (at least some) women voting

  1. ksbeth
    June 5, 2018

    here’s to the women, brave and strong, who fought to have their voices and minds heard –

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