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Come on an Alternative Valentine Writing and Creative Workshop

In time for Valentine’s Day learn how to create your own love story with words and images using the Regency Town House in Hove as a springboard into historical fiction.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 3rd 2019 2pm to 5pm
£25 plus booking fee Tickets available HERE

I’m leading the three hour workshop with artist Jill Vigus and together we will help you to step back in time as we take you on a creative tour of the 200 year old building that has become a hub of community history. You will get a real insight into how life used to be lived above and below stairs as we introduce you to some of the people who lived here

We will work on story structure, character development and micro fiction in class and create instant books from a collage of ideas and images. You will go away with a crammed notebook ready to write your own stories full of characters that readers will care about

And did we mention there will be cake? Homemade cake. And not made by me, but by Paul, the talented chef at The Regency Town House who works from historic recipes.

Here are a few comments from people who came to the Ghost Story workshop we ran last autumn.

“Brilliant fun. A perfect afternoon”
“Loved making books”
“Taught me to be concise. Showed me what I could do in a few words”


Q Who is running the course?

A Bridget Whelan and Jill Vigus. Bridget is a writer, novelist and former university lecturer, who has nearly 20 years of experience of running writing courses & workshops. Jill is an artist and printmaker. She is also a qualified tutor who brings fantastic new approaches to storytelling and will make sure everyone goes away with their very own mini book.

Q I haven’t done anything like this since I left school. I’m worried that I won’t be able to come up with any ideas.

A You don’t need any writing or artistic experience to take part. Absolute beginners are very welcome because we will provide you with the tools to tap into your creativity and develop your skills.

Q Aren’t love stories all the same (and a bit sloppy)?

A They can be anything from classic Mills & Boon to Pride and Prejudice and Doctor Zhivago. Love stories are about people and in the end there is nothing as interesting as people. In fact it’s hard to think of a story that doesn’t include some element of love story: Star Wars, Watership Down, we could go on…

Q I’ve always wanted to write but I’m a bit nervous about being part of a class.

A Our workshops are warm and encouraging. You won’t be forced to read out or do anything that makes you uncomfortable, but we’ve found that nearly everyone is happy to share what they’ve achieved and some say that hearing and seeing other’s people’s stories is one of the most rewarding aspects

We like this comment from someone who came to our last workshop:
“Great atmosphere and cakes! Really warm and supportive”

Q I’m really a frustrated artist so I’m more interested in the idea of telling stories visually than I am in writing.

A This workshop is a rare mix of both elements. They complement each other, but you can focus on one and some students have told powerful stories without words.

Q Is the Regency Town House open during the week so I can come back and look around some more.

A No. At the moment we are only able to arrange a limited number of tours each year – the opportunity to visit different areas of the building and be introduced to its history is a special feature of the workshop. You can find out more about this wonderful building HERE

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