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Until we can party again – I’ve slashed the price of my creative writing guide

Back To Creative Writing School is now just £4 which is the lowest price it has ever been. And it’s going to stay that low until I can:

Browse in a book shop
Stand in an art gallery
Shop for things which aren’t essential
Throw a bloody good party
Watch my sons walk in the front door and ask what’s cooking
Hug my granddaughter (for as long as a self-respecting nine year old with lots of things to do will let me)

Writing is one of the creative arts and being creative is a basic human need. As soon as a toddler can walk, she dances. As soon as she can hold a crayon she draws. And as soon as she has words she wants stories: the ones other people give her and the ones she can make herself.

You don’t need my guide to write. You already have everything you need. Got a pen, some paper? You’re ready to go. But a blank page can be as cold as a January frost. It can freeze the urge to be creative.

My guide is useful if you’re not sure where to start or how. Or if you want to relish the freedom of playing with language and ideas without worrying if what you are producing will become a short story or novel or memoir or something else…

With 30 exercises covering techniques that are useful for both fiction and non-fiction writers, it deals with suspense and the traditional tropes of horror writing and leads you into humour even if you can’t tell a joke. There are poetry exercises for writers who do NOT want to write a poem and an exploration of how to write description that does more than describe.

” You are the reader’s eyes and ears; you are their skin, their nostrils, their mouth. You can’t tell everything so the few details you reveal have to reinforce the atmosphere of the story or add to the development of a character or contribute in some way to the reader’s understanding.”

I’m not one for making extravagant promises, but I do believe this guide will get you writing. With nearly 150 customer ratings on Amazon, it has a score of 4.6 out of 5 which is a lot better than I ever did in school.

‘The creative writing bible’
C.S. Quinn, author of the historical fiction classic The Thief Taker 
‘Inspiring, insightful and fun…an indispensable tool for anyone wanting to write fiction ’ 
Sarah Rayner, novelist and author of One Moment, One Morning, officially one of the 21st century’s bestselling books.
I recommend this book to all my students, and I recommend it to you. Great stuff.’ 
Alex Pheby, Head of Creative Writing, University of Greenwich

Try the first exercise by clicking HERE . It will give a feeling for my way of doing things and you can discover if melds well with your way of doing things…

Why £4?
Back to Creative Writing School is self-published which means – to a certain extent – I can control the price. The UK price of £4 gives me a royalty of 18 pence on every book and the customer gets a price reduction of £2.99. (Sales in other countries have also been reduced.) That feels about right for the crazy times we are living through.

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Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

One comment on “Until we can party again – I’ve slashed the price of my creative writing guide

  1. Toby Grant
    July 24, 2022

    Greatt reading your post

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