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START THE WEEK with a Creative Writing Exercise

A very straightforward creative writing exercise …all you have to do is write and keep on writing until you’ve managed to incorporate all the words on the scrabble board. To be fair, it’s unlikely to produce great writing, but it does demand that you’re inventive and imaginative and tenacious – some of the qualities you need as a writer. Think of it as a work out, limbering up for the week ahead.
In case the scrabble board isn’t as clear on your screen as it is on mine. I’ve listed the words below:

Quib Fox Exited
Top Creed Brute
Tear Up Zin
Dunkings Moat Sang
Shank Jay Low
Voted Pine Silly
My Burl Tribe
Afire Hearts

In the past students have taken words out of their usual context and used them as names for characters and undiscovered worlds…Creed Fox, a bible-preaching cut throat sleeping rough on the worst streets of 19th century Dublin perhaps, Pine Afire, the highly addictive and highly toxic compound that increases mathematical ability…you get my drift…

If you like this exercise there’s a pretty good chance you’ll like BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL  –  30 exercises, 140+ positive reviews on Amazon UK.
It’s been called the creative writing bible by bestselling historical novelist C.S.Quinn, author of The Thief Taker series.

It’s now at its lowest price ever (just a fraction over cost price)
£4 in the UK and $5.84 in the US .
It will stay that low for the duration of the lockdown because being creative is a stress buster. And that means trying new things and going in new and unexpected directions – exactly what this book encourages you to do.
When we can hug our friends again it will go back to the usual price of £6.99 and $8.46 and I will be SO pleased to see the price go upbet you will be too.

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2 comments on “START THE WEEK with a Creative Writing Exercise

  1. beth
    May 18, 2020

    i love this idea!

  2. bridget whelan
    May 18, 2020

    Me too! It’s the random nature of it & the feeling anything could happen!

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