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Bargain price of £4 for a few more hours…(then it’s back to normal £6.99)

152 ratings on Amazon: 70% 5 star 20% 4 star

Back in March I cut the price of my popular paperback guide from £6.99 to a straightforward £4 and wrote this on my Amazon page.

HUGE PRICE CUT because creativity is a way of combating stress.
We’re in this together and we can support each other through it. Buy it now because it’s going back to £6.99 when we can throw a party again and hug our kids, but for now it is at its lowest price ever. Living through uncertain times, hemmed in with the people we care about the most or isolated from them, we need to let go of some of the stress we’re feeling. Playing with ideas and having fun with language can help you do that.

When I wrote that I still hadn’t cancelled my holiday to Sicily in May, although I suspected that I wouldn’t be seeing the streets of Palermo or Syracuse any time soon. I did think though that we would know when it was over, that there would be a collective sigh of relief and a flinging back of heads even if we weren’t actually dancing in the streets.

But pandemics aren’t like that. There’s no ceasefire. No declaration of peace.

Here in most parts of the UK (but not all ) things are a little easier. To be honest with you I’m not sure that some of the things we are getting very relaxed about are the right things to let go, but that’s another discussion for another day.

We are all in this together, but we’re in different boats and it would be cruel and unfair to pretend otherwise. And I am very aware that some people reading this are still living with the very real fear and consequences of infection.

I’m not pretending that’s it’s all over, but I can hug my kids again (as much as a 30 something man wants to be hugged by his mother) and be with my granddaughter and those are important landmarks for me. Life does seem a lot better than the surreal days of April.

So, for that reason and – to be brutally upfront and honest – because £4 a book means I get just 18p for each copy sold, the price is going back to a very reasonable normal £6.99 in the UK, 7 euros in Europe (plus VAT) and $8.99 in America.

But you can still get it at the old price until later today Friday. July 17th, World Emoji Day. Birthday of Angela Merkel and David Hasselhoff. Can’t give an exact time as everything depends on Amazon reviewing changes and pressing the right button. Plus it’s all on Seattle time so, what can I say. Hurry…

I like sales. I like bargains. If you do too, go get it. And start on 30 creative writing exercises that cover:

  • fiction
  • memoir
  • poetry
  • prose poetry
  • comedy
  • horror
  • magic realism
  • character creation
  • dialogue
  • description
  • language
  • overcoming the blank page
  • get going

Back to Creative Writing School is about writing. It’s about taking ideas and experimenting, giving yourself the freedom to make mistakes because the woman or man who didn’t make a mistake didn’t write a thing. Probably not even a shopping list.

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