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Write a story in 10 words or a poem in 10 lines…writing competition

Poets have got off lightly* in this special competition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Shoreham Wordfest in West Sussex. I mean 10 lines is quite a respectable length for a poem, but prose writers have just 10 words. (yes 10 words!) 
Is it possible? Yes, of course it is…writers can do anything…and it is a wonderful test of your ability to write tight.
The competitions are only open to residents of Sussex (with a special prize for 16-18 year olds), but it’s worth having a go even if you’re not eligible just give your imagination a work out.

Here are some posts I’ve written over the years that you might find useful.
Five Tips for Writing Flash Fiction
What is a Short Story?
The Seven Deadly Sins of Short Story Writing
Did Hemingway Really Write Baby Shoes? The Legend of the Six Word Story

And if you are fortunate enough to live in East or West Sussex here’s more on the Shoreham Wordfest:
The closing date is 1 August.
The top poetry prize is £150 and the plan is for all winners to be invited to read their work at a special evening as part of the annual Wordfest on October 11th (finger crossed).

Find our more HERE 

* Am I being mean to poets?

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