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Be Paid to Write about Your Own Experiences of Food Poverty in Britain

Jack Monroe, the award winning food writer and anti-poverty campaigner is  putting together a book on austerity and hunger in Britain, focusing on the last ten years.

She and the publishing company involved in the project are commissioning people to write their own stories and/or be interviewed for it. These are paid opportunities.
Jack (@BootstrapCook) wrote on twitter:

It’s really important that these stories are told. It’s both a memoir & a manifesto for change – so I’m also looking to hear from and about people who have made a difference under austerity, supporting and changing lives of people affected by cuts to welfare and services.

For more details, or to pitch your own story email

I understand that speaking up can be frightening, and reliving trauma is difficult. Stories can be anonymised if needed, and sensitive information given will be kept confidential. I hope my credentials in this area and years of campaign work speak for themselves in this regard.

Here’s Jack’s biography taken from her website

She has won the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink award (ironically), the Observer Food Monthly Best Food Blog, Marie Claire ‘Woman At The Top’, Red Magazine’s ‘Red Hot Women’, the YMCA Courage & Inspiration Award, the Woman Of The Year Entrepreneur award, the Women Of The Future media award and many more.
She works with Oxfam, the Trussell Trust, Child Poverty Action Group, Plan Zheroes, the Food Chain and many food banks, schools and children’s centres to teach people to cook and eat well on a low income, and campaigns against the causes of poverty and austerity in Britain and abroad

I follow Jack on twitter but I didn’t spot this opportunity. I read about it on freelance writer Sian Meades‘ generous free weekly round up of of writing jobs in newspapers and websites, publishing houses and universities, any where that needs a writer and are willing to pay for his/her services. You can subscribe here:

3 comments on “Be Paid to Write about Your Own Experiences of Food Poverty in Britain

  1. beth
    September 4, 2020

    what a great book concept, this one is sure to be interesting

    • bridget whelan
      September 4, 2020

      It’s a great idea and I love the fact that they are paying contributors. Check out Jack Munroe’s website for amazing recipes.

      • beth
        September 4, 2020

        I will!

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