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Louise Glück on not knowing if the silence will end… QUOTES FOR WRITERS

I go through two, three years writing nothing. Zero. Not a sentence. Not bad poems I discard, not notes toward poems. Nothing. And you don’t know in those periods that the silence will end, that you will ever recover speech. It’s pretty much hell, and the fact that it’s always ended before doesn’t mean that any current silence isn’t the terminal silence beyond which you will not move.
Louise Glück, winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature Interview with William Giraldi in Poets & Writers, September/October 2014

Thanks to poet John McCullough for posting this quote on facebook. Poet and winner of the 2020 Hawthornden prize for Reckless Paper Birds, he added these wise words.

I recently had a whole year of writing no poems too. No one can be constantly at their creative peak. Don’t follow the capitalist logic of productivity equalling self-worth. Sometimes you just have to look after yourself.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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