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Write What You Love – Could you Create A Feel-Good Christmas Romance for next year?

Novel Writing Competition from a major publisher and right now all they want is a fabulous idea and 1000 words…

Photo Credit: Heather Mount on Unsplash

Penguin Michael Joseph are offering one unpublished writer – currently resident in the UK or the Republic of Ireland – the chance to have their novel published in the run-up to next Christmas. Unlike a lot of novel competitions, they are not asking for a polished manuscript that’s ready to go. What they want is a heart-warming, page-turning, potential bestseller of an idea and proof that you have the story-telling skills to lift it off the page and into the heart of readers.

Photo Credit: Dan Novac from Pixabay

Does that sound like you or the plot that’s been bubbling at the back of your mind for some time?
The publishers mention The Holiday,  Christmas at the Island Hotel, and One Day in December. So, if you’ve read these books and – more importantly – love the story they tell, then you already know the the kind of thing they are looking for. (Personally, I haven’t a clue – I’m still catching up on what Bridget Jones is doing: very much the messenger on this one.)

In the first round they want to see your Christmas Love Story pitch, which should be no longer than 200 words, plus 1,000 words of your manuscript. Deadline February 14
Everyone who enters should hear how they’ve done by the week beginning March 16th.
Those selected to enter the second round will be asked to submit a more detailed plot synopsis of no more than 1,000 words (or one side of A4) along with an additional 2,000 words of their manuscript. Deadline April 18th 2021.
The winner will be selected in May 2021.

Photo Credit: Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

Find out more HERE.

And one final note of warning: obey all the rules. Every single one. To the letter. And number. Do not play fast and loose with the word count.


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