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Why Books Are Our Best Friends – Alain de Botton QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Even those who love us get us wrong. They tell us who we are but miss things out. They claim to know what we need, but forget to ask us properly first. They can’t understand what we feel — and sometimes, we’re unable to tell them, because we don’t really understand it ourselves. That’s where books come in. They explain us to ourselves and to others, and make us feel less strange, less isolated and less alone. We might have lots of good friends, but even with the best friends in the world, there are things that no one quite gets. That’s the moment to turn to books. They are friends waiting for us any time we want them, and they will always speak honestly to us about what really matters. 
Alain de Botton

Photo credit: Me – subject: one of my bookcases I really should tidy up

2 comments on “Why Books Are Our Best Friends – Alain de Botton QUOTES FOR WRITERS

  1. Rae Longest
    October 24, 2021

    Your bookcases look “normal” to me!

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