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So, what does your bookcase look like…?

Glen Donaldson, Australian writer-blogger-player-with words, appealed to readers to send him a photograph of their home bookcase. I sent pictures of my four in what I would like to think was a fit of indecisive generosity, but was probably an unconscious bid for attention. (Or Showing off as my mother would have said.) .

My bookcases cover a wide range. There is the hideously unkempt (hair spray alongside travel guides mixed in with books for research, lesson plans and ancient photographs. It is also home to a pair of unworn child’s embroidered sandals bought in India.) The most respectable is a reasonable collection of fiction. I’m quite pleased with the shelf devoted to Zola (all of which I have read, albeit a very long time ago when the world was young, and I probably wouldn’t score very highly if you challenged me to a quiz so don’t, please).

Here’s what Glen made of them. (Shambles is harsh but fair while Hall should really be re-named I’ll-just-put-it-here-until-I-can-find-a-proper-home-for-it.)

He selected at random a book from each of the bookcases he published on his site. So, he had to choose four of my books: one was a writing guide I was given (by one of my students which is perhaps in hindsight a little worrying), one was a modern classic I bought & read because EVERYONE was reading it that summer and one was a novel written by a very dear and very talented friend. The last book is one I have not only never seen before, but also never picked up, heard of or imagined could be the subject of a book…
It is a cuckoo.  
A squatter
An interloper.
It’s probably quite good. I’m going to hunt it down and read it. Thanks for finding it Glen

Visit his website HERE and admire all the bookcases on display.
Have you go one as untidy as mine?
And should I do something about it?  

4 comments on “So, what does your bookcase look like…?

  1. Glen Available
    November 27, 2021

    Huge thanks Bridget for giving this bookcase shenanigans a mention on your site. Anytime in the future you need a long forgotten/ lost/ permanently hidden away title in your bookcase unearthed / re-discovered, I am happy to assist.

  2. Rae Longest
    December 13, 2021

    Loved “playing with” this post! Thanks.

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