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Where to Draw the Line…advice from scriptwriter Sue Teddern QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Learning how to write drama means learning how to cope with meddling. You’ll have to identify the boundary between what it’s reasonable for you to accept (‘We think it might … Continue reading

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…pain, loss, regret – the stuff of drama Harold Pinter QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

I think plays have nothing to do with one’s own personal life. Not in my experience, anyway. The stuff of drama has to do, not with your subject matter, anyway, … Continue reading

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A hint…a suggestion…Orson Welles Quotes for Writers and Playwrights (and people who like quotes)

I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won’t contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion … Continue reading

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Know London? Bring it to Life in a Tiny Play

Two professional theatre practitioners are planing an evening of Tiny Plays about London next spring. No more than four minutes long (roughly three to four sides of A4) , they … Continue reading

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Q is for QUEM QUAERITIS (oh, yes…!)

QUEM QUAERITIS is a question: Whom do you seek? It was asked by the angel guarding the tomb where Christ’s body had been buried, when the three Marys came visiting … Continue reading

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Written a play? Find out how to get it staged

Just heard from Spread the Word, the London based literary organisation, that they are launching a programme of topical debates next month. Each season a panel of key figures from … Continue reading

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