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Q is for QUEM QUAERITIS (oh, yes…!)

QQUEM QUAERITIS is a question: Whom do you seek?
It was asked by the angel guarding the tomb where Christ’s body had been buried, when the three Marys came visiting (the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the sister of Lazerus).
A short exchange of dialogue between the angel and the women became part of the Easter religious services in the 10th century. It was a dramatic way of presenting the liturgy and it caught on.

I chose QUEM QUAERITIS for today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge because
a) I couldn’t find anything more interesting – toyed with quatrain for awhile but there isn’t much to get excited about – and
b) I was intrigued by the idea that this tiny piece of dialogue inspired over 600 years of mystery plays and religious theatre.

It seems to me that writers can take an important message  from the QUEM QUAERITIS story: never under estimate the power of showing rather than telling.

Three Marys at the Tomb.

Three Marys at the Tomb. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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