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An Author’s Duty to be Truthful – Elizabeth Strout QUOTES FOR WRITERS

What responsibility does an author have to a reader?
American novelist Elizabeth Stout is convinced there are two unbreakable duties, although she doesn’t akways know how to achieve it.

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MY BOOKS by a writer who was read bedtime stories about the Napoleonic Wars and who would only save a book from burning if convinced it was truly the last copy. First lines, first books, first literary loves….and more

Lizzie/Elizabeth Enfield  is a writer and journalist, copious tea drinker and endless worrier. Her latest novel Ivy and Abe is a love story told over a lifetime and a series … Continue reading

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MY BOOKS from Ladybird Fairy Tales to Plants for the Future…First lines, first books, first literary loves….and more

BY Venetia Carter. I’ve written and self-published a book* and am now wondering if that is the one book that everyone has inside them or whether there’s anything else in … Continue reading

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