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Where to Draw the Line…advice from scriptwriter Sue Teddern QUOTES FOR WRITERS

Learning how to write drama means learning how to cope with meddling. You’ll have to identify the boundary between what it’s reasonable for you to accept (‘We think it might … Continue reading

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How to write from your unique position in the universe… Advice from Barbara Kingsolver QUOTES FOR WRITERS

It’s no coincidence that a lot of writers are introverts. At some point in the life of a manuscript you’ll want to get feedback, but not while it’s in the … Continue reading

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Margaret Atwood on the problems of knowing what’s going to happen next… Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

You can never read your own book with the innocent anticipation that comes with that first delicious page of a new book, because you wrote the thing. You’ve been backstage. … Continue reading

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Safari Friday searching the web for writers and readers — a selection of some of the best from last year

Here’s a small sample of the websites and online resources I discovered in 2013. They demonstrate what a generous lot writers are – here are places you can learn your … Continue reading

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Safari Friday searching the web for writers and readers — feedback from a professional

Janice Hardy is an American fantasy and science fiction author. She taught writing at Writers Digest Online Workshops for several years, and now does it through her blog The Other … Continue reading

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