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One of the great advantages books have over films…Alan Moore QUOTES FOR WRITERS

In comics the reader is in complete control of the experience. They can read it at their own pace, and if there’s a piece of dialogue that seems to echo … Continue reading

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A recipe for a Hollywood movie – Tony Gilroy Quotes for Writers (and people who like quotes)

Big ideas don’t work. Start with a very small idea that you can build on. With Bourne I never read any of the books; we started again. The very smallest … Continue reading

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You can learn a lot from films…

On Fridays I am returning to some of my favourite posts from the past. To paraphrase BBC radio: this is your chance to read again…This post comes from April 2013 … Continue reading

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Fight Club: What’s the first rule of a Sequel?

Well, Chuck Palahniuk has decided that we can talk about it because he has announced that he is going to write a sequel to Fight Club nearly 20 years after … Continue reading

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All from the 1995 film Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead. BOAT DRINKS was the good luck phrase used by a group of ex gangsters when they said … Continue reading

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