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The people I don’t follow on twitter

(including the ones I don’t follow back even when they have been discerning enough to follow me)

  1. Any women who has a hubster rather than a husband

  2. Anyone who has an extraordinarily large number of followers unless, of course, they happen to be Stephen Fry.

  3. Anyone who has an impossibly beautiful/handsome thumbnail because either there isn’t a real person behind the twitter account and it is just a means of trying to sell me something, or there is a real person behind the twitter account and the thumbnail shows we have absolutely nothing in common.

5 comments on “The people I don’t follow on twitter

  1. Jacqueline Pye
    August 29, 2012

    I don’t (at present) follow any celebs (except @peoplesastro), or follow back anyone whose biog is blank (unless their tweets are very interesting), tthose who tweet every few mins throughout the day, or whose biog suggest they are physically very attractive! Thanks for the post.

  2. bridgetwhelan
    August 30, 2012

    Ah, hadn’t thought about people who tweet all the time…but I think you have a point. I guess it’s either a programme kicking in or (even sadder) a real person nailed to their computer
    Thanks for mentioning @peopleastro. I just checked the twitter account out and, although I have no burning interest in astrology & have to admit that I hadn’t heard of Mark Thomas before, his tweets are so interesting & accessible (ie I could understand them, mostly) that I’ve become a follower. Other than Stephen Fry (that’s mandatory, isn’t it), the only celebrities i follow are writers that I already like such as Ian Rankin @Beathhigh

    • Jacqueline Pye
      August 30, 2012

      I do have an interest in the heavens, and @peoplesastro is on TV sometimes and gives straight info on space goings-on which are unusual, easy to spot, or especially nice. And he occasionally replies!

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