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Mass Market writing opportunity – especially if you want to release your own 50 Shades of Grey…

If you are interested in writing for women’s magazines WOMAGWRITER’S BLOG is a must read. It’s generous in its advice and up to date in the information it gives (as well as being proof that writers are really nice people…)

Latest news is that DC Thomson’s commissioning editor, Maggie Seed, is looking for manuscripts for Easy Reads, a new series of short novels (fifty thousands words) that will start appearing in October. She needs to buy 50 novels a year and there are four categories: –

Caress –  Emotionally moving romance
Liaison – Romantic drama with the bedroom door left ajar (or maybe even flung right back).
Intrigue – Detective murder mysteries
Suspense – spine chilling psychological stories on the dark side.

And it’s the Liaison category that is most in need of good writers. If you’ve always wanted to write erotic fiction this could be your chance.

Visit WOMAGWRITER’S BLOG for more about what the publishers are looking for, pay rates etc and lots of other information about writing for magazines.


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