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DO YOU KNOW the 10 things authors want readers to do?

1. Write an Amazon review. Reviews are a powerful tool that can make a big difference in an author’s sales. Don’t lie. Don’t go crazy about a book you don’t like, but if you did enjoy it why not say so? Don’t be vague (saying it is brilliant is lovely, but it is even better to say why you think so) or over the top (outstanding writer of her generation – unless she is). You’re a real person writing for other real people who might well be interested in what you say. Having said that, I’ve been told three star reviews don’t count…not sure if that is true, but you must admit it does smack of sitting on the fence.

2. Submit reviews to other sites. Waterstones, Goodreads… for all the reasons given above.

3. Click on the Amazon “Like” icon right below the title and the author’s name.

4. Click on the Amazon “Tell The Publisher” icon on the left below the image of the front cover if the book isn’t available as an ebook.

5. Vote on Amazon customer reviews. At the bottom of each review, it asks, “Was this review helpful to you?” Click yes, and it will help move that one higher on the page. Of course the author only wants you to click the positive best-book-of-the-year reviews but it’s your vote.

6. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to say why you liked the book – use quotes.

7. Borrow the book from the library. Public Lending Rights means authors get money each time it is borrowed – a wonderful bonus paid out every February

8. Blog about the book. If you have a blog – review it, interview the author. Put it in a list. Everyone likes reading lists.

9. Talk about the book. Old fashioned word of mouth recommendations are as precious as gold dust.

10. Buy the book. Perhaps I should have mentioned that earlier.

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