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Everything has a value…even your twitter account

BirdI’m sure that business and celebrity twitter accounts have a monetary value but it would take a lot to convince me that mine was worth anything. However, the nice people at have done their best.

They base their calculations on:

*the number of followers you have

*the number of lists you subscribe to (but they are not worth as much as followers)

*the speed you gained followers also counts in your favour (I have no idea why)

But you lose points for the number of people you follow.

Right now my twitter account stands at 732 followers and I follow 858 people. reckon that works out to be:

$293.96 (about £198 I think)
19729 paperclips
67 Big Macs
0.59 of an Ipad

Free twitter badge

Not that impressive, I think you’d agree but if you are on twitter come and follow me at @agoodconfession (I’ll follow you back) and let me know how many paperclips you’re worth.

Emergency "Twitter was down so I wrote my...

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2 comments on “Everything has a value…even your twitter account

  1. ann perrin
    July 9, 2013

    I still draw the line at twitter, how much time does one have? I am a pretty useless friend on facebook too but lovely people still say ‘hi’. I like friends that one can meet up with ocassionally. So woe is me then on getting followers… I have very few but I get hundreds of hits a week, goodness knows how Take care Annx

  2. bridget whelan
    July 9, 2013

    I think facebook is more about linking up with people you know and twitter is about sharing information with strangers with a common interest. I do both but I know what you mean about time…it could so easily eat into all your writing hours so you could find you’ve written a helluva lot of tweets but never finished the short story you’ve always wanted to write

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