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Writers in films… Blink and you’ll miss Raymond Chandler

Writers in filmsDiscovered another writer in a film thanks to Anecdotal Evidence a fascinating blog about ‘the intersection of books and life’.

Cropped screenshot of title from the trailer f...

Screenshot of title from the trailer for the film  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently the author of The Big Sleep and Farewell My Lovely was a bit of a recluse and there are few photographs or film recordings of Raymond Chandler, but in 2009 a French cinema historian and two American crime writers recognised this tiny clip in the 1940s classic Double Indemnity. Chandler was the screen writer on the film which put the noir into film noir (and if you have never seen it you are very, very lucky because you have that treat in store. It’s a must for anyone who enjoys or wants to write crime fiction or character driven fiction for that matter).

Even this tiny snippet should be enough to tempt you. By the way, no one has been able to work out what Raymond Chandler was reading. My guess is that it is one of his own books but as product placement it’s a bit too subtle.

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