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Safari Friday searching the web for writers and readers — a new home for short stories on the web

Safari FridayLike short stories? Want to read more or find a home for those you write?
ReadWave – a short story website based in London that has attracted a big following in America, Canada and Australia – has been in touch to reveal what’s on offer.
Anyone can upload anything onto ReadWave and use it as a place to showcase their writing. However, the site has a very strict editorial process for choosing the content that goes on the homepage. There’s a team of 70 staff reviewers working behind . the scene and every week they are asked to give feedback on a list of potential stories. The ones they enjoy the most go up on the homepage – usually 12 stories aweek.
The current version of ReadWave launched in January and already the archive boasts tens of thousands of free stories. Nearly all of the stories on the homepage take less than five minutes to read – some are much shorter.

Each week a writing challenge is set and three to four stories are chosen to be posted on the home page. It’s not a competition, more a way of encouraging writers to write  At the heart of ReadWave is a new mobile reading technology that allows you read and share it with friends. Unlike iBooks you don’t have to download and install anything. You don’t have to pay for anything either. It’s an open-source way of reading and sharing stories online.

A ReadWave can be anything; an article or a short story, fiction or non-fiction. It can be something that you’ve researched for years, or something that you made up on the spot. The ethos behind ReadWave is that everyone has a story to tell and while that may make for patchy quality control – even with the reviewers in place – readers get a chance to follow the writers they like which means new writers get a chance of building a following (I think fan base is probably too grand a term at this point in a writer’s career). Have a look and see what you think.

Safari = Swahili for long journey.I am on the look out for anything accessible from a keyboard that educates, entertains, intrigues, raises a smile. Anything that helps a reader get through the day or a writer the next draft. Let me know if you write a website that you’d like featured or discover something that really should be shared.

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