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Hurry! Sketches wanted for a new BBC radio comedy

Hurry sketch show submissions wanted2525 is a  new Radio 4 audience sketch show set 500 years in the future.

Alongside a commissioned writing team, the BBC is inviting non-commissioned writers to send in their sketches. They are looking for both returning characters and one-off sketches about life in the distant future.

Here’s a few of the characters who will appear in 2525 (you can find more on the website):
The futuristic talking-car who is used by his owner to undertake difficult jobs that he doesn’t want to do himself such as split up with his girlfriend or visit sick relatives.
The Robocop-style female police-bot who still has to endure being patronised by the laddish men in the police department.
The dinner party bores who never stop talking about how their quality of life has changed since they moved to Mars and how everyone else should go and live there as well.
The sentient kitchen appliances who, despite their awesome intelligence, just boil water and make toast. Frustrated, they spend their time gossiping and bitching.

Each sketch is introduced by an aloof robotic voice-over and you should include this introduction with your sketch submissions. sci fi sketch show The show will be broadcast at 6.30pm on BBC Radio 4 so the tone of the sketches needs to work in this slot. For example, swearing would rarely – if ever – be broadcast. The show is recording in Autumn 2013 so the deadline is the end of 13th September at the latest. Email your sketches to BUT read all the information here before submitting. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by ignoring they way they want it laid out.

Oh, and you might want to know what’s the PAY is like…

There is a flat fee for all non-commissioned material (regardless of the writer’s previous experience). This is £18 per 30 seconds of sketch material (rounded up to the next half-minute i.e. 31 seconds will be paid £36) and will be paid for any material that is broadcast.
The writing team reckon that short sketches usually work best and that’s about three pages (or less). Very roughly a page (properly laid out – see the website for details) is a minute of broadcast time.

So, it’s not riches beyond the dreams of avarice, but if your work was accepted it is a very impressive writing credential and could be, might be, just possibly be…a foot in the door.

photo credit: hackett via photopin
photo credit: Ѕolo via photopin

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