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Rebel women! A call to write

I’ve just been sent a press release about a new poetry anthology that intends to showcase established and emerging women writers from across the globe. More than than it wants the anthology – called The Furies – to be a platform for poets to write back on behalf of wronged and radical women. The project is run by For Books’ Sake an  irreverent UK webzine, community and publishing imprint set up in 2010 in response to systemic, institutionalised sexism in the publishing and media industries
For Books’ Sake interprets Furies in the widest possible sense, and the hellcat heroines may be modern, mythic, animal or cyborg, women from film, fiction, history, music, art and activism, or rebels in their own home.
women's poetry
If you’ve got a poem that could be a good fit you will have to hurry – the deadline is midnight on Sunday 30th March 2014.
All profits from Furies will be donated to Rape Crisis.  To submit an entry and for a chance to be featured alongside Rebecca Goss, shortlisted for The Forward Prize last year, Helen Mort recently described by the the Daily Telegraph as a new star of British poetry and
Patience Agbabi, an award winning spoken word poet, writers are requested to make a donation of £1 per poem or £2 for three poems.

The photo is of a statue called Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane  from California. It is  the second sculpture in a three-part series featuring singer/dancer Deja Solis. These sculptures featuring women safe in the present to express themselves, are meant to help raise consciousness around violence against women

photo credit: DoNotLick via photopin cc

4 comments on “Rebel women! A call to write

  1. Maria A. Hernandez
    March 25, 2014

    Reblogged this on Magical Portal and commented:
    A great opportunity for women to express themselves and also contribute to a good cause.

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