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Do you know…which country reads the most books, watches the most TV, listens to the radio and uses the internet most often for pleasure…?

Who reads the most books?TELEVISION
Folk in Thailand spend  22.4 hours in front of the television each week. The USA is in 6th place with 19 hours per week and the UK is 9th on the list with 18 hours.
Mexicans watch the least at 11.6 hours per week and the Swedes only score 12.3 hours – despite all those fantastic Nordic thrillers…

Who reads the most books?

Argentinians top the poll and tune in for 20.8 hours per week while UK and USA come in at 12th and 13th places at just over 10 hours a week each, (this despite the fact that Radio Four broadcasts more radio drama than anyone else). People in China spend the least amount of time listening to the radio at only 2.1 hours a week.

Who reads the most books?

INTERNET (not for work)
Taiwan report the most computer/Internet time, averaging 12.6 hours a week for non-work related purposes and Spain is in third place  with 11.5 but Italians and Germans spend the least amount of time surfing the web. The UK and USA are firmly middle of the road and have identical scores – 8.8 hours per week.

India reads the most books

and finally Books, the thing surely that we can’t do without… in whatever form they come in.
The world’s greatest readers also live in the world’s biggest democracy – India. Indians spend an average of 10.7 hours per week.
Residents of the USA and UK spend about half that time reading and the UK  is 5th from the bottom – the lowest of the European countries listed. Must do better.

Source: NOP World Culture Score
and I found that through the Mslexia website – the writing magazine for women.

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2) photo credit: Zellaby via photopin cc
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