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Glastonbury wants poets and spoken word performers…

I love doing live readings…would that count, do you think? And would my sons  at last recognise that I am, after all, seriously cool? *

Poets wanted

Glastonbury’s Poetry & Words area are looking for experienced performers for the festival in June. The wages are small and they don’t pay travel expenses or give away guest tickets. But you do get your own ticket and a place to camp.


To apply email with your performance CV and video or audio files (maximum of three). You can also send attachments and web links.

Applications will close at 5pm on Friday 6 March 2015, but I suggest you apply as soon as you can to give yourself the best possible chance. The folk who make the decision need time to consider the magic of your performance – don’t risk it getting overlooked in the deadline stampede.

* 1) Unlikely 2) No


photo credit: Aflickion via photopin cc
photo credit: destinyuk* via photopin cc

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