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Remember today’s date if your writing has ever been rejected


If your writing has ever been turned down (and you’re not a real writer if you haven’t been through that experience: you’re a writer who doesn’t send stuff out…) October 17th 1896 should be inscribed above your computer or on the cover of your favourite notebook.


Because 119 years ago today Anton Chekhov’s play The Seagull was premiered in St. Petersburg. The audience booed and jeered. They stamped their feet. After the first act Chekhov left his seat in the audience and hid backstage while the leading actress lost her voice.

Chekhov said he would never write another play. Two years later The Seagull was performed in Moscow and was a great sucess. The man who was determined to stick to short stories and leave the threatre alone went on to write:

  • Uncle Vanya (1899)

  • The Three Sisters (1900)

  • The Cherry Orchard (1904)

Something to remember when you get one of those thank-you-but emails.

If you’re wondering what all the shouting was about you can read a plot summary of The Seagull HERE

and the full play HERE

photo credit: Seagull shouting via photopin (license)

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