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What was on Facebook’s Creative Writing page last week…

Have you really got a story?

10% off Under Their Skin: character masterclass with a bestselling thriller writer and a senior NHS psychologist

A cartoon about all the things you could have done if you hadn’t wasted your time writing…

How to write a convincing fight scene


Cycling to improve your creativity

The top earning authors

A controversial history of English poetry in eight short poems (controversial as far I am concerned)

Where to find the perfect holiday reading – the novel set in your holiday destination from Glasgow to Goa.

How to progress your novel (not the same old, same old, but a genuinely useful article)

Supervillains in Comic Books


Choosing a title for the British Library exhibition for the centenary of the Russian Revolution

And more…

Visit BACK TO CREATIVE WRITING SCHOOL’S FACEBOOK PAGE updated daily. I think you’ll like it.




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