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Write a radio drama – international writing competition

radio drama

A Playwriting Competition run by the Sussex Playwrights Club is now open. They are looking for a 30 minute thriller or mystery radio drama for two to six actors . Despite the competition’s name, you don’t need to have any association with Sussex or indeed the UK to enter. You do, however, need to pay £7 by cheque for each entry (unless you’re a member of the Sussex Playwrights Club, now 81 years old).

No monologues or musicals or adaptations. It must not have been staged before a paying audience, broadcast or published.

Not sure if your story fits into the mystery or thriller category? Here are a few definitions:

Mystery is a genre of fiction in which a detective, either an amateur or a professional, solves a crime or a series of crimes. Because detective stories rely on logic, supernatural elements rarely come into play. The detective may be a private investigator, a policeman, an elderly widow, or a young girl, but he or she generally has nothing material to gain from solving the crime.

Thriller… is a genre that revolves around anticipation and suspense. The aim for Thrillers is to keep the audience alert and on the edge of their seats. The protagonist in these films is set against a problem – an escape, a mission, or a mystery. No matter what sub-genre a Thriller film falls into, it will emphasize the danger that the protagonist faces. The tension with the main problem is built on throughout the film and leads to a highly stressful climax.
The Script Lab

You can read the full rules and information on how to enter the Sussex Playwrights website.

All shortlisted entries will be read by a radio producer, with the possibility of further commissions

The prizes aren’t exactly a fortune at  £150, £75, £50 but all three winners also receive a rehearsed ‘script-in-hand’ reading of their play with a discussion before an audience plus a recording and podcast of the reading

 Deadline: October 31st 2016

Given the subject, I hope you don’t mind me plugging a friend’s book. Sue Teddern and Nick Warbution have written a brilliant guide that’s well worth buying, reading and digesting: Writing for TV and Radio.

Writing for TV & Radio

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