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Join me on a life writing course in July

sun and beachI’m back on Brighton beach again, teaching in a wonderful art gallery with a great atmosphere. This time I’m running a life writing course that starts on Monday July 3rd. Numbers will be limited to a maximum of eight and, although it’s only three weeks long, we should get a lot done as each session will last for three hours.

What is life writing?

“Reading a memoir is the best way of finding out how it used to be.” Blake Morrison.”

“Anyone who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.” Flannery o’Connor.

The term life writing is only about 20 years old and includes and goes beyond traditional autobiography and biography. It can cover everything from travel writing to the life of an organisation or the history of your family.

You could write about your teenage years to prove to your children that you weren’t born a parent.

If you have researched your family tree you may want to turn a list of dates into a story that the next generation will want to read.

Perhaps you would like to turn real life events into fiction or write about the world your grandparents lived in.

The detail:

Cost: £55/£45 conc. Each session lasts three hours, starting at 10.30, with a half hour break for lunch at 12.30, ending at 2pm. Refreshments available, or feel free to bring your own.

For telephone bookings please call Swimming in Art on 01273670954 or 07799303045. Alternatively you can book via the Swimming in Art website on There is no fee for telephone or online bookings if you book directly through Swimming in Art.


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