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Believe the Unbelieveable ART FOR WRITERS

diego-fernandez painting

I believe in this girl.
I believe she is real and holding the cold (dying?) fish close to her heart, at least while I’m looking at this picture by Diego Fernandez. Writing can do that too, making the unreal, the unrealistic, the downright odd leap from the page and make a new reality in the reader’s mind.
This picture is called Pet which turns the image into an question about how we treat animals and maybe it gives a few answers too. Because sometimes a makebelieve world reveals an awful lot about this one.
Or perhaps the girl is the pet….

Writing prompt
Someone in authority  (suggestions: a teacher, a police officer, a parent, someone else) asks:
What on earth are you doing to that poor bloody fish?

Take it from there…

Diego Fernandez is a digital illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Find out more about him on his facebook page


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