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International flash fiction Competition has big prizes for small stories


This competition is truly international as entries are accepted in four languages: English, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew.

The winner of the contest administered by the Museum of Words in Madrid on behalf of The César Egido Serrano Foundation will receive US$20,000, with three runners-up each receiving $1000.
And it is free to enter.
And everyone can submit two entries.

The slogan for this year’s contest is ‘The Word, bridging the gap between different cultures and religion’ but there are no subject or genre restrictions. The story has to be unpublished in any medium (including blogs) and 100 words or less.

With such a generous prize, the contest is extremely popular with writers. Last year it attracted 35,609 entries from writers in 149 countries. Don’t let that put you off though. If you enter and don’t win, you still have a story that you didn’t have before; a story you’ve worked on and polished, a story that represents the best you can do because it’s not worth sending anything second-rate.

I love it when competition organisers publish previous winning entries. ‘Oysters’ wowed the international panel of judges in 2016 and won first prize. You can read it here.

Deadline: Thursday 23 November 2017. Entries must be submitted via an online form.

For further details and all the information you need visit the competition’s homepage.

Good Luck!



4 comments on “International flash fiction Competition has big prizes for small stories

  1. robbiesinspiration
    October 21, 2017

    Thank you for sharing this, Bridget.

  2. kim blades, writer
    October 21, 2017


    • bridget whelan
      October 22, 2017

      Ditto! And are you going to enter Kim? I’m working on an entry right now…

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