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This mural is by Fintan Magee, an Australian artist known for his murals throughout  the world. This is a partial list of his public art, but as it doesn’t include this mural it seems he is too busy painting to update his website.

2014 Sea Walls Project, San Diego
Life is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas
Living Walls Conference, Atlanta
Djerbahood Project, Djerba, Tunisia
WeArt Festival, Aalborg
Most Festival, Moscow
Draw-out Festival, Limerick
In Common Project, Glasgow
CityLane Project, Townsville
2013 Museum of Public Art, Baton Rouge
Miami Art Week
Wonderwalls Festival, Woolongong
Red Market, Shoreditch, London
Bernard Shaw Hotel, Dublin
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Illawara Performing Arts Center, Woolongong

I don’t know the story behind this striking image but it helps to know it is on a block of flats in Kiev and it’s called The Rebuilding.

I gather he often uses personal stories to talk about broader social and political issues and so often this is how the best fiction works. Don’t write about homelessness. Write about an ex-solider, old at 40, bruised by war and a broken marriage, losing his job, his home, his spot on the pavement outside the shopping centre…


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