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Lean on the delete key, says Barbara Kingsolver QUOTE FOR WRITERS

olive-tree-1756611_640Revision is my favorite work, the part of the process when art really happens. Once you know where you’re going, you can back up and tilt every scene in just the right direction. You can replace every serviceable sentence with one that glows with its own original light. This of course requires an eagerness to throw away a lot of serviceable sentences. Lean on the delete key. It’s frustrating to write a hundred pages you know will not survive, but this is the dirt you have to excavate to get to the vein of gold.
Barbara Kingsolver

2 comments on “Lean on the delete key, says Barbara Kingsolver QUOTE FOR WRITERS

  1. Rae Longest
    November 18, 2018

    Excellent thought.

    • bridget whelan
      November 20, 2018

      Agree, Rae! There’s something wonderfully freeing in cutting, slashing and getting to the good stuff underneath the words you piled on top.

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