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Mrs Ainsley Departs – the 1830s housekeeper is leaving (but someone will take her place….)

Worrying messages have been arriving all day from Mrs Ainsley, the Regency Town House housekeeper and Agony Aunt, 1830s style:
I might be going on a LONG HOLIDAY soon. Will anyone miss me? But I will not leave the family unattended.

I’m going to miss my room at the front of the basement. It has been a home to me but it’s time to go. Will anyone miss me?

This is against my nature but this piece of chocolate cake COULD find its way into my trunk. Should I borrow it for the journey?

I have asked my Irish 2nd cousin, who goes by the name of Mrs Finnigan to take over. Did you know that she bears a STRIKING resemblance to me? Some people say that they cannot see the difference between us. I wouldn’t know as we have never actually met but we have corresponded and she comes with excellent references.

The family will be well looked after. She’s arriving shortly.

Why am I going?
I’ve been greatly influenced by an evangelical curate who was visiting the house and I’ve had an epiphany. I have decided to leave domestic service, renounce the ways of the flesh and become a nun in a silent order.

Here are my last words of advice* for the many acquaintances I have made.
The human body and mind are so intimately associated, that the FUNCTIONS of the one cannot be disturbed without deranging the action of the other. Many a hopeless HEART would be saved by a wholesome diet.

FAREWELL It’s time to leave Brighton and catch the coach to London.

  • If you’ve missed Mrs Ainsley’s earlier advice session you can catch up HERE

I’m here! I’ve arrived and still in one piece, although my bones have been shaken to bits on the London to Brighton coach. The speed they go! Ten miles an hour is nothing for those fellows.
What? Mrs Ainsley departed already? I did so hope we would get a chance to sit down together.
No matter! Where is my a hat box ? I had it when when I got off in Castle Square but where is it now?   

And where are my manners? Gone with the hat box, you must forgive me, say you do. I need to make a proper introduction. I’m Catheen Finnigan, sometime housekeeper, sometime companion, long time widow and about to take up residence in The Regency Town House.


This is a regular feature created and written with Paul Couchman, The Regency Cook

4 comments on “Mrs Ainsley Departs – the 1830s housekeeper is leaving (but someone will take her place….)

  1. beth
    March 20, 2020

    Love these

    • bridget whelan
      March 20, 2020

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, Beth. You’re a star!

  2. Jennie
    March 28, 2020

    Please keep these coming!

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