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Friday Writing Prompt – give a voice to the quiet

The title of this quiet painting is Nordic Summer Evening. If you were there, standing on the balcony watching this couple, you’d probably only hear sounds from the water: a fish coming to the surface to snap at a fly, the moored boat moving with the river (or is it a lake?) now and then gently touching the jetty – wood nudging wood. The people are quiet and self-contained too.

They are just about to speak and even though the subject of the conservation is important to them both, the most important thing in their lives, there will be no drama. This is a scene where emotions run deep, not loud.

Describe the place and write the dialogue. Try to keep it around 250 words. I would tackle that by writing as much as can to make sure I got the story and then cut back brutally to the essentials. Every word has to earn its place. At the end you may find you’ve created a complete flash fiction story

(BTW the artist is Richard Bergh and this picture was painted 1899-1900)

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