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A Quick Note to Regular Readers Who MAY have Noticed…

…that I have broken the habit of a decade (yes! that long) and published THREE insightful quotes about writing and being a writer this Sunday instead of the usual mean-minded, paltry, puny one.

You may also notice that they are all by women and it is not a coincidence that it will soon be International Women’s Day.
Explanation enough, surely?

Although if you are truly a regular reader you may not be entirely satisfied.
The truth is that I realised what I had done about 10 minutes ago.
I have been squirrelling away suitable quotations since the new year. It felt like opening a savings account.

No more scrabbling around for something suitable on Saturday night. I relished the number of scheduled posts my WordPress desktop told me I had, especially as I knew each one was a gem.
Only I must have had the same thought on three separate occasions

…this is perfect for the Sunday nearest International Women’s Day

Clearly, forward thinking doesn’t suit everyone me.
Back to Saturday night scrabbling around.

7 comments on “A Quick Note to Regular Readers Who MAY have Noticed…

  1. josiedarling2014
    March 6, 2022

    I have so enjoyed your posts today Bridget. You are a marvellous woman. Josie xx

    Sent from my iPhone Josie Darling


  2. beth
    March 6, 2022

    hahahaha – well, we have benefited from it –

  3. Sarah Waldock
    March 6, 2022

    Thank you for your efforts!

    • bridget whelan
      March 6, 2022

      With a bit more effort I might have spread the quotes over 3 weeks!

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