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A Prize Better than Money for Short Story Writers

Political Short Story Award for Emerging Short Story Writers

I love short stories and prefer single author collections to anthologies on a specific theme because it is that unexpected glimpse into a world I don’t know (or even more thrillingly into a world I half-know) that is part of the attraction.

Collections that explore how we live and the ways we relate to one another do something more.

I hadn’t heard of Uschi Gatward before I got an email last week from Galley Beggar Press. The same month they published her first and only collection, English Magic, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and died a few months later. I’m sure she had much more to write but at least she was able to share some of her stories and you can read one of them HERE

Galley Beggar Press in partnership with Writing our Legacy and The Word Factory have set up Political Short Story Award 2023/2024 in memory of Uschi. It is designed to support a short story writer and help build their career

What kind of writer are they looking for?

Good question.

Does this describe you: someone “working seriously on their writing whose work has an underlying political ethos”?

You may have already had stories published or perhaps you’re at the stage of thinking about sending work out for publication. It’s not for writers who already have novels or short story collections published (or under contract). However, you can apply if you’ve self-published your work or you have had non fiction books published.

And what is better than money….? I know the award won’t help you shop at Sainsbury’s, but I think it is priceless if you want to write with purpose and get to understand the craft and the industry better.

  • One-on-one mentorship over a nine month period with acclaimed novelist and short story writer Jacob Ross
  • An invitation to read with their mentor at a Word Factory/ Writing Our Legacy event, online or at a venue to be decided.
  • Additional support from Word Factory director Cathy Galvin.
  • Advice from Galley Beggar about the publishing process, producing submissions and who to approach
  • Free admission to a range of salons and masterclasses
  • Free membership to the writer’s union, the Society of Authors.
  • Promotion by partners on our websites and social media

A message from Galley Beggar Press:

Please give it a go if you think you may benefit from this scheme and you’re working seriously on your writing. Uschi herself benefitted from a similar mentorship and produced wonderful things. We want to honour that work.

You can read one of Uschi’s short stories HERE

Submissions are open until 23 May and it costs nothing to apply. You can get more details here.

Great good luck if you decide to apply.

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