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Love Books Competition 2023

Marlborough LitFest want people to reveal why they fell in love with a book, poem or play and why they are passionate about sharing it.

It’s free to enter and your entry (750 words max.) doesn’t have to be a straightforward review. You might want to dramatise memorable characters, reveal compelling plot twists and turns, or explain how the text makes you feel. You could even write a poem as long as it shows why you want others to read your favourite.

Reading the entries of previous winners should help you get a hang of what the organisers want to see. Click HERE

Age groups: 
13-15 years, 
16-19 years,
20+ years 

Prizes: Winner for each age group receives £300; the runner-up in each age group receives £100

Deadline: Friday 30 June 2023. Winners will be announced at the 2023 LitFest in September.

For the entry form and full terms and conditions click HERE

My favourite book?

Howard’s End by E.M. Forster, I did it for A level and it made a big impression on me. No, wait Troubles by J.G.Farrell, the only book I’ve ever worn out and had to get a new copy. And then there’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Lincoln in the Bardo, and the Rebus novels by Ian Rankin, and Alice Through The Looking Glass (far superior to her trip to Wonderland), and almost anything by Robert Graves and Ann Pratchett and Orwell… and I haven’t even started on Emily Dickinson, Seamus Heaney or Andrew Marvell

Picture credits: Mircea – All in collections
Gordon Johnson

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