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And the winner is….

Let me introduce you to Jan Baynham

Jan Baynham

Jan joined a local writing group in Cardiff three years ago but it wasn’t until she attended a university writing class taught by a published author that she began to submit stories for publication and she is currently writing her first novel. She also had the great good sense to subscribe to my creative writing newsletter last week. It’s early days but I think she likes it. And she’s just won a paperback copy of Back to Creative Writing School. Yay!

Jan has her own blog and you can visit it HERE Her latest post is about a mother and daughter day out at the Hay Festival. I’ve never been but I’m beginning to see what I’ve been missing. I would have loved The Archers workshop – I was brought up on the daily doings of Ambridge folk. The older I get the more I’m inclined to think that there are only two kinds of people in the world: it’s not male and female or those who come from the east or the west; it’s those who know who Clarrie Grundy is and those who don’t…

Nice to have this chance to get to know you Jan and I hope the 30 writing exercises in Back to Creative Writing School give you ideas for new stories and help with the first draft of that novel.


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