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Why my new writing class is a drop-in

ExcitementI’m confident that my new afternoon writing class will appeal to both those with experience looking for an opportunity to mix with others in a creative atmosphere and people who are taking their first tentative steps.

To mis-quote Yeats, it’s going to be a glorious rag bag of the mind: one week flash fiction, the next poetry; the week after plotting and planning for a novel length work. We are going to be inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and the 2016 winners of literary competitions, by what’s on the 10 O’clock News and the fantasy of dreams…and so much else besides.

And it’s going to be a drop-in.


Because I want to work with a very specific group that aren’t catered for elsewhere: writers who can’t attend a regular course. Perhaps the demands of work or family make a six or eight week commitment impossible. Perhaps you are not sure if you will like writing classes (or me). Perhaps the cost of a regular course is just too big an outlay, especially if you suspect you won’t be able to attend every single week.

The drop-in sessions are part of the Beach Hut Writing Academy’s 2016 programme (You can see the rest of it HERE). We are a co-operative of writers in Brighton and Hove  Between us, we’ve published dozens of books, created countless hours of TV and Radio drama, and taught over 5,000  students.  Our priorities: small groups and great value.

It could be very small

It’s a risk, I admit that. I could be sitting on my own week after week: Bridget-no-mates Even if it’s an outstanding success I’m pretty sure at some point there will only be me and two others (and that will be the week I’ve invited a fantastic guest speaker), but my hope is that in the long run it will work out.

Weekly updates

I’m going to update this page on the Beach Hut Writing Academy’s website after every session so you can always check what we’ve been doing and the homework I’ve set (very optional). Every week there will be an opportunity to share work written outside the class, but I can’t promise everyone will get a turn (especially if people are queuing around the block to get in. Hey, I can dream too!)

 And did I mention it’s in a pub?
Lord_Nelson_pub_BrightonBecause I wanted somewhere relaxed and social. Classrooms aren’t always the right place for creative activities and if you’ve had less than happy educational experiences in the past you may not want to spend much time in one now.

Because the Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Street is so welcoming. It’s a large pub with a lot of (quite large) nooks and crannies. It does good food and good coffee. Alcohol does not have to be taken. Better if it’s not really. I know Hemingway said write drunk, edit sober but that’s on your own time. And falling asleep is definitely against the rules.

Because I like pubs.

The first session is on Monday afternoon. Please share this post by facebook or twitter or word of mouth with anyone who lives in Brighton, or might visit Brighton, or knows someone who might visit on some Monday afternoon

Here’s the nitty gritty. Wish me luck.

WHEN: Once a week on MONDAY afternoons 2pm-4pm. Starts on April 25th

 WHERE: Lord Nelson pub, Trafalgar Street, in North Laine. Very near Brighton Station, across the road from a car park and a short walk from numerous bus routes including: 5, 5A, 5B, 21, 46, 49, 50 and 6, 7,  25 and 27

COST: £10 pay as you go on the day. £16 for two consecutive sessions.
SPECIAL OFFER: your very first session is just £5



6 comments on “Why my new writing class is a drop-in

  1. Jenny Tavernier
    April 25, 2016

    Sounds Yummy!, but alas, I am on the wrong continent, sigh. Would be great if there was an online way to drop in.

    • bridget whelan
      April 27, 2016

      Shame! The first session went very well – lots of laughter and lots of writing

      • Jenny Tavernier
        April 29, 2016

        YAY! (And another good reason to get back to England! (My mom was from Bath.) I know I am destined to be there! So glad your experiment is taking on it’s own life from the beginning, and I think it’s a totally wonderful idea! Thumbs up, and keep all of us not there by virtue of distance, posted up, and making plans to get there someway, somehow. I knew you would rock it! Good luck!

  2. roughwighting
    April 29, 2016

    Sounds like a great idea! I’ll be interested to see how many drop-ins you get. I live in the Boston area, where there are also lots of pubs. My creative writing classes are always 6 or 8-week sessions, but a ‘writing workshop’ like this one could work too, maybe. Let’s see how it goes for you!

    • bridget whelan
      April 29, 2016

      I’ll keep you posted – it is an experiment. The first session last week was a blast. Great atmosphere, everyone wrote, everyone read aloud, everyone laughed…I’ve decided to run it on Bank Holiday Monday. Numbers may be down but I wanted to establish a regular routine as soon as possible.

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